Zong MF25 unlocking with original software


Unlocking ZONG MF25 device is a very easy and safe with our specialized software, Software Have three simple options: 
Who are you error fix, 
Security repair.

Step 1:

1. Open the software.

2. Select the first option for who are you error fix.

3. Connect your device in fastboot mode. It will switch to Qualcomm mode automatically.

4. Find the Qualcomm port number in the device manager and input it.

5. Press 'Enter' and wait for 5 to 10 seconds until device reboot.

Step 2: 

1. Reconnect your device in fastboot mode (wps+power button).

2. Choose the second option for unlocking.

3. Allow the process to run, which usually takes 10 to 20 seconds.

4. The device will restart auto once unlocking is complete.

Step 3: 

1. Open your device's login page in a browser.

2. Select the third option in file to repair security.(if need)


Your ZONG MF25 device is now successfully unlocked using our original zong interface software, without any dead risk. Thank you for choosing our services.

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