MF25 2020 Dead Recovery


ZONG MF25 2020 9008/900E DEAD RECOVERY

MF25 2020 Dead Repair
Connect your device to Qualcomm mode using a test point.
Launch the provided software and choose the first option.
Input the Qualcomm port number, and press "Enter." Wait  until the port is disabled in the device manager.
Disconnect the cable, insert the battery, and power on the device.
Reconnect the device to your PC.
Access the device's login page and navigate to settings. Perform a factory reset.
After the reset, open the login page and select the second option in the software.
Enter your original SSID WiFi key and any necessary security details.
Press "Enter" to initiate the repair process.
Device will reboot automatically.
By following these steps, ZONG MF25 should be successfully unlocked and restored to its normal functioning

Recovery File

File Is Paid Contect Whatsapp

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